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Confused about the concept of Content Marketing? Don’t know much about it?
We are here to take away your worry and guide you with the easiest way possible. Read this till end to get sufficient and skilled knowledge all at one stop here itself and get yourself enlightened with the learnings about the same. I am sure, after reading this write-up, you will find yourself at much better place of understanding.
Lets dive into the sea of study about content marketing and come out as a skilled human. In this post, you will learn all the basic information about the Content Marketing.

What is Content Marketing?

In simple words, if you ask me about Content Marketing, it is as simple as doing marketing, but through content. Not clear? Be patient, read further, you will get to know! We have grown up listening to a very famous line,
” CONTENT IS KING.” Ever thought why? Simple, more quality your content is, more consistent your audience will be. Content is that promising strategy to promote a product/service into the market, which will be anticipated and shared among their peers. Also, written information has the deepest impact into the mind, which stays for longer.

Importance of Content Marketing

Now you must be thinking, why is it so important? Right? No worries, continue reading. Content Marketing is something, which is a part of the marketing process and not any separate technique or strategy.

1. BRAND AWARENESS: Content has that power which creates awareness with full-fledged information about product/service brand and influences the buying decision of the consumer. More the honest, clear and quality content you deliver, more clarity it will provide to the buyers, putting a strong impact on their final action.
2. BUILDING NETWORKS: Once you aware your prospects about the product/service brand and enhance the brand image, a personal connection of faith and trust is being established. The content which has the essence of personal experience or that warm touch, makes your content unique and that lately, becomes the biggest advantage. Because, obviously there is zero scope of plagiarism, fakeness and no room for cheating at any point. What else do we need to make long- term networks? Only trust and honesty is the key!
3. MEDIA VISIBLITY: Once you are successful in making a goodwill in the market, you are automatically visible in the media. Too good or too bad, media ultimately gets you in the flashlight. Why not then enter and sustain under the good list? This increases the email response rate and encourage visibility of internet marketing campaigns.
4. GENERATES LEADS: Content is the bedrock of lead generation. Since, content is reusable and to put a cherry on the cake, if it educates, inspires and influences the marketers as well, the content in itself will beg to be shared among masses. As a result? Huge Lead Generation and even direct sales can happen. According to a research conducted by Kapost- for per dollar, content marketing adds to three times more leads compared to traditional online marketing like paid searches or ads. Hence, it can be a major game-changer for online business growth.
5. WEBSITE TRAFFIC: SEO and Content is like butter to the bread. If together they are used efficiently, one can make huge wonders. Consistency, along with the through keyword research and of course, a good quality content helps you build a long-term stay prospects and then the never- ending chain reaction starts. Congratulations, you are good to go with a huge ever-growing traffic just with the magic of your nicely decorated words.

Types Of Content Marketing

Surprised? Used to think Blog Posts as the only way of Content Marketing? Hold on! You are not wrong, just need to add few more things to your list.

1. BLOG POSTS: This one of course, you all are aware of. Right? By and large, blogs still hold the favoritism when it comes to content marketing. Cost-effectiveness and more traffic attraction are the obvious reasons behind it’s favoritism among other types. Moreover, businesses attract 97% more links to their websites . All that the readers want to know, is what you know and how can you be a solution to their problem.
2. INFOGRAPHICS: It is of the very different, yet unknown type of content marketing. The motive behind creating an infographic is simply to convert a lengthy and complicated piece of content into simpler and precise bullet points to give a quick and crisp synopsis of an information without missing onto any important details for the same. To make you more clear, let me show you one of the example of an infographic picture.

3. VIDEOS: No doubt, that creating videos is time-consuming and can be an expensive way of content marketing, but needless to say, it is very much in demand and in-trend specially among the youth population. If created and produced well, videos can be a show stealer, more fun and impactful to watch and relate.
4. PODCASTS: Recently, podcasts have been a really lucrative option among various digital marketers to try their hands on and spread their content in the market. Once cracked the code to make them, they are simple to produced, and if distributed through podcast network, can have the massive reach.
5. SOCIAL MEDIA: Unlike above explained types, this one follows slightly different kind of rules. Here, its all about getting people to look and respond instantly. The consumer engagement is more of tangible and real. It takes some efforts to find both the type of content you create and the medium that really resonates with your social media followers.

Content Marketing Funnel

Want to hit a Jackpot? Then put all that you know in this world and always hit the bull’s eye in knowing your audience’s needs. The more you feel it through heart, the better you will convey it to your audience and help them win their treasure hunt by providing them with just what they have always been wanting.
Now this Content Marketing Funnel is that jackpot that is a two sided sword, where on one side it takes you exactly to the place where the audience ever wanted to be, and on the opposite side, it helps the audience win their treasure hunt. Confused? Don’t worry! I am always at your rescue to help to understand better. To know about this funnel, do watch the video below which will clear all your doubts and if it actually clears, then reward me by liking the video and subscribing to my channel.

Now it’s your turn to work and win!

So? I guess if you are still reading up till here, you have almost joined along our journey. Right?
Now, I would love to know if you found this fruitful and were able to apply this knowledge to create your own piece of art. Got all your thought bubbles popped out? So get to work and share your thoughts, works and feedback honestly.

To know more, stay tuned and follow on social media to get a daily update.
Honest feedbacks are always Welcomed! See you on the other side soon.

Happy Learning 🙂

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